Saturday, February 13, 2010

hope for happiness

Her life was a fairy tale,
all was happy nothing was pale.
She was lost in her own dream world,
only laughter around her swirled.

She trusted all blind eyed,
with faith and love was her heart tied.
Thought she 'none will hurt me,
to every problem, i have the key.'

But her illusion was broken,
her trust was shaken.
It was her immatured dream,
at which, the world laughed but she could'nt even scream.

When she woke from her sleep,
it was the truth dark and deep,
that she was forced to face,
and she could not run from this chase.

Her world came crashing down,
but she could neither cry nor frown;
cause all of this was a secret
that the world could not interpret.

She was not alone left,
on her bed grief and tears slept;
she was hurt,she was ditched,
was this phase constant and fixed?

Decided she, to be strong and bold,
with the ability to get her emotions on hold;
life is beautiful,only if she wished so,
she should now let her past go.

Sweet memories should be cherished,
and hatred allowed to be perished.

It is time to pluck some new flowers,
and wait till happiness overpowers.
Give life another chance,
life is'nt just about song and dance.

The journey is still incomplete,
at next junction, she might meet;
someone better worth a smile,
who may walk with her a long mile.

Hope is what helps us live,
to fate, another chance she must give.