Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go Girls!

Some for parents, some for lovers,
Some about rains, some about flowers;
Some make you laugh, some make you cry,
Some pep you up to give another try.

This one ain't any of it though,
it's for all types of girls one might know.

It's for the pinky peep and the brainy geek,
for the one with innocent charm or feelings deep.

If you are smart, strong or sexy,
or just a carefree lass with hair messy;
if you are fair, dark or dusky,
with a voice sugar sweet or seductively husky;
then its time yourself you pamper,
and boys! you all too can read, no need to scamper.

We may be blunt and speak our mind,
but when he arrives, words are hard to find.
When us he praises (fake or true),
We all feel Oh so beautifully new!
The rule says "first the man must talk",
and "Let him ask us out for a walk".

We wait for him for a move to make,
with bated breath we await,
as though our life is at stake.

Fab or fat,
with a veil or a hat;
for the stars let's all shoot,
to the rules let's not give it a hoot.

Pull up your socks,
let lose your locks;
Don't hesitate to kiss and tell,
don't be afraid to ring the bell.

Go girls and call the shots,
I bet you will cherish lots.

Tell him how you feel,
if it's worth, on your knees you can kneel;
Talk about his cute butt,
trust me you won't sound like a slut.
Tell him you love his eyes,
tell him you hate goodbyes.
tell him you want him more,
wake up girls, and come to the fore.

Praise him for his gait,
now its us who will rate,
a man's eyes, lips and assets hidden;
some obvious some forbidden.

Let him know if he is a deserving guy,
this isn't the age to feel shy.
Break the barriers,come out loud,
make yourself happy and proud.

It is time to take the lead,
make a move after you read.
Don't feel guilty, don't feel bad,
their share of fun they have had;
Here we come to laugh and enjoy;
Sorry boys! none we mean to annoy.