Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is....

It's his eyes, it's his grin,
it's his sharp prominent chin;
that makes my heart skip a beat,
looking at him is a delightful treat.

It's the way he brushes his hair with his hand,
when he is in his thoughtful land,
it's the twinkle of his eyes,
that none can posess even after a million tries.

It's his memory, it's his thought,
because of which my heart is caught.
It's only him I want to see,
it's with him that i want to be.

It's his scent that helps me know,
that he is standing behind me in tow;
It's his style, it's his lips,
that gives my heart a million skips.

It's the thought of being in his arms,
that pushes me in a world of magical charms.
It's the fact that he is unaware,
of how much for him I care.

It's the fact that I can wait,
a million years and change the fate.
To talk to him I hunt excuses lame,
I wish he could feel for me the same,
though all he knows is just my name,
but for this none can I blame.

It's his voice, it's his stare,
it's more than time that i want to share.
It's true that he does not feel the same,
and this gives me a pricking pain.

It's human to dream and desire,
his absence sets my heart on fire.
It's this feeling I want him to know,
in his arms old i want to grow.

It's strange and it's crazy,
I am painting a picture hazy,
his piercing gaze penetrates my soul,
he is the one for my Prince Charming's role.

It's true that I am lost,
I dont want to lose him at any cost.
It's this feeling that I enjoy,
it's the memory that can never die.

It's not only this but a lot more,
now my words are out of store,
he is thought of every moment from the core.
I know and I know not what it is,
but for now it is a magical bliss.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Nameless Relation

We meet through the rains, we meet through the sun,
hide and seek meetings are so much fun;
I see him through the moon, he sees me through the rain,
this relation is hard to explain,
with happiness it brings some pain.

Rains soothe the earth, cool the land,
my thirst unquenched I still stand.
Over my face a splash hits,
as though he kisses me in bits.
Rains give his message dear:
"I am not far, feel me near,
I am made for you,
to be with you."

Days become shorter, my nights still longer,
distance makes our bond even stronger.
He whispers through the breeze-
"My love for you shall never cease."

Gives me strength the moonlight creams,
when to his call my heart beams,
"We shall meet though now in dreams,
till then, wish you sweet dreams."
His call makes my day,
gives me a hopeful ray.

We meet in dark, we meet in light,
Through winter breeze he hugs me tight;
through thunder storms though we fight,
this relation has taken a higher flight.

Our relation is a special one,
like this there can be none,
for the world we are far,
but we know that we are at par.

We have not but our souls have met,
but this, the world does not accept,
I know and I know not where does he hail,
for all this relation is a fairy tale.
Than love, we share much more,
trust each other from the core....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Woman undefined.

She is present everywhere,
in one and many.
Her work is to care ,
about her children and money.

She is one with different faces,
superior in all walks;
in every field she leaves her traces ,
and humble are her talks.

She nurtures her children well,
getting them things best among all,
nothing against her husband can she tell,
nor can let her image fall.

As a mother she is best,
hardly she takes rest.
On seeing her even death can halt,
by many, a progressive lady she is called.

By defining her in varied ways ,
yet remains she undefined.
A thousand in one role she plays,
so sharp is her mind,
yet she still remains undefined.