Monday, September 5, 2011


I looked for you everywhere,
in sunshine, in dark;
in the dusty storms, in the clouds' spark.
I saw you through the moonlight,
when through the breeze you hugged me tight.

But that wasnt enough, for I wanted you here,
I wanted to hold you without any fear.
It's been ages since I was yearning for you,
I know you were feeling the same too.

Then, when my happiness was at stake,
when I thought I was living in a dream fake,
You walked in to my life with strides long,
and I knew to you I belong.

It was not your eyes, it was not your lips;
but my heart still had a million skips.
It's your morning call that are better than dreams all.
It's your funny streak that lifts my mood bleak.

It's the way we fight,
it's the way we hold our hands tight;
that makes me feel you are real and forever,
and till eternity we are together.

There may be times when talk we may not,
when we may be angry we may have fought;
But we know what lies beneath is a bond strong,
and will make worthwhile our walk long.

It's the way you make me smile,
it's your walking style,
it's the way you are oh so unromantic,
it's the fact that you are pragmatic,
that makes me fall for you,
my deam has finally come true.

All romantic songs make me blush,
When I am with you time seems to rush.

Thinking of you makes me smile,
With you I can walk that extra mile.
To describe you, fall short of words I,
All I know is you are there when I want to laugh and cry.

I can't describe all this,
For now, I want to enjoy this heavenly bliss......