Friday, June 5, 2015

To Baujee, with Love....

Time of sadness, time of grief.
Life would take such a turn, is beyond belief.
You were a mentor, you were a guide,
By your instruction, we would always abide.
You taught us values, in us you imbibed discipline.
To Drona, you were akin.

Miss the days when holding your strong hand,
We would go to the beach and play in the sand.
Miss the days when with our assignments you helped us,
Your eyes were never tired waiting for us to board the school bus.

Then, time became the ugly foe,
Stole you from head to toe.
You started turning frail,
End approached the fairy tale.
Your pills increased, will still strong,
Yours was a strong persona amid the throng.

Your strength of body and mind,
Was well, one of a kind.
By your captivating ghazals and poems’ sound,
Our mind, body and souls are still bound.
We miss you badly every day,
Wish with you forever we could stay.

We would eat jalebies with milk on days some,
Pani Pooris and kachories you always found awesome.
Every day we talk to your picture,
But, we miss you in structure.

Please come back with the same gait,
Hope time could erase that dark date,
When calm and still you laid,
For your soul, we all prayed.

Baujee! You were a jolly good being,
Missing you is a horrible feeling.
Only from body the king has gone,
A genius like you will never be born.