Friday, September 24, 2010

A hand to hold

A hand to hold, a shoulder to lean,
a heart for whom the world I mean.
A kiss on the cheek, a hug tight,
a little love filled fight.
To wake up in his arms strong,
to know that with him on my side, nothing can be wrong.

On the beach, a walk long,
just the two of us, away from the throng;
walking barefoot on the sand,
under the moonlight talking hand in hand.

A cozy home built on trust,
Each of us will a little adjust.
A declaration to the world,
That to him I belong;
And he is willing to be by my side for lifelong.

A beauty sleep with him by my side,
a true relation with nothing to hide.
White curtains and maroon quilts,
a potted flower that never wilts.

Asking for stars is easier though,
but ,asking for all this gives me a “no show”.
All the heart demands is this dream life,
But all I get is a wound unseen, worse than that stabbed by a knife.
Know not I where to head,
thorns are more than roses on my bed…..