Sunday, October 4, 2009

save your soul

Tears of blood,
Famine and flood.
Only war no peace,
Everything but no ease.

Than flesh dearer is metal,
We have lost our speech gentle.
This is the hour to hit and win,
To earn paper we sell skin.
Love finds place in the garbage bin.

Rich grow richer, poor still the same,
Former have money, latter save shame.
A boy cries with hanger pain,
But no one dares to cure his pain.

Older wise kicked out of home,
In old age homes, they weep and mourn.
Bodies sold and bodies raped,
Minds black in white gowns are draped.

In His name, done is crime,
Worse than worst is this time,
Let us set a new goal,
And try to save our soul.

the moon in my window


THE clock strikes eight,
He heads my window straight.
‘good evening’, to me he greets,
And then lights up the streets.

The moon in my window knows me well,
My joys and sorrows to him, I need not tell.
He sees me laugh, he sees me cry,
Than him, no one is a better spy.

He looks at me with a keen sight,
As though, aware of my plight.

To him I turn filled with feelings,
To which he gives patient hearings.
Pot of thoughts I empty,
Some sad, some of times happy.

He is perfect to play hide and seek,
Changes my mood to happy from bleak.
Behind the clouds, he hides.
Or else, walks with great strides.

To the world he is far,
But to me he is at par.
All my secrets he knows
And these he can never disclose.

Among the diamonds, he is a pearl,
That makes the sea swirl.
Gives me strength his divine light,
To stand all odds and bravely fight.

Peace I get from the moonlight beams,
When we finally say ‘sweet dreams’.