Monday, June 14, 2010

Replenishing Rains

Just a shower from the sky,
changes things far and by;
moods change when the breeze blows,
desires surface to be held tight and close.

As she steps her feet into the muddly puddles,
back she runs into childhood with memories muddle;
when her mother patted her dry,
to her mum, she could never lie,
it was the hug warm,
that was always there to inform,
that she was safe and secure,
cause mother was there for this to ensure.

But today as she walks in the rain,
the feeling is not the same;
the rains wash away her tears,
and open new frontiers.

As the water wets her hair,
it's a sense she can't share,
ignite the droplets, her shoulders bare,
she feels the touch and sees the stare,
of someone absent as of now,
but he shall come, not sure when and how.

She feels him holding her waist,
she starts breathing, now in haste.
Through her back, the droplets trickle,
the stars of her anklet, in the dark twinkle.
The strong breeze blows her lilac dress,
as though, her body it tries to caress.
Under the dark sky she stands,
covered is her neck with the wet strands.
Shivers she feels on her nape,
she wishes the moment to never escape.

Without a lover, loved she feels,
all this she always conceals.
Rains cover up for her grief,
pep her up for a time brief.

She is happy, she is jolly,
the world may find her deeds folly;
but she cares not about anyone,
with rains she loves to have fun.
She shall laugh till the season ends,
then she shall go back to the world of pretends.

Can change her world only the rains,
they are her lucky charm, that take away her pains.
For her, it is a season lucky,
that brings out her inner beauty.

Thankful is she to the colurless drops,
that ensure she is more than a living corpse....