Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

Another year passes by,
another leap higher I wish I could fly;
I wonder what I gained,
How any hearts I bloomed, how many I stained.

I went through happiness and grief,
I lost people and relations beyond my belief;
I wish I smiled more,
I wish I was content to the core.
I still wish I danced like I was four,
Wish I could drink with my girls by the shore.

Some time back on day this,
I would flutter in my birthday bliss.
Would demand gifts from my daddy dear,
my list had goodies like the huge teddy bear.

I would remind the world to wish me on time,
missing my birthday was a dangerous crime.
A dress new, shoes and bag would make me complete,
dinner with family would be the best treat.

Wine and chocolates, cakes and a dress,
my wishlist was endless.
Now I wonder what is wanted by me,
my wishes are locked in a box without key.

My wants can no longer be bought by paper,
these are the wishes, money can't cater.

A mug of black coffee in solitude,
my lost persona and attitude.
A glass of wine and favorite show on TV,
with my sister, chattering with giggles and glee.
A long walk on the beach,
to get lost from the world's reach.

This is all I wish on this day,
like a daisy in the winds I sway.
Contentment find me and forever stay.
Santa! are you listening to what I say?
Your Christmas child is hanging her socks by the sill,
for you to come and her wishlist fill.

Please spur the magic fast,
and my wish be granted and happiness forever last.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Modest Jealousy

Jealous of the rain,
For so easily it dances time and again;
Jealous of the sparrows flying,
For theirs is a freedom flight above the sky eyeing.
Jealous of the fishes in waters deep,
Cause no one can hover around them even while asleep.
Jealous of the trees that sway in the wind,
They feel freshness and changes unlike the limbed.
Jealous of the coffee beans that are ground,
Since for spreading aroma they are crowned.
Jealous of the waves of the endless seas,
For the liberty they have to voice thoughts with ease.
Wonder why I aren’t any of these,
Why do I strive to others’ please?
Wish I was one of the above,
Would have been able to gain and spread love…..

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Breath

You are hidden from the world,
Within me you lie curled.
They think you breathe from me,
They know not that my breath is because of thee.

You move, you clap, you call me out,
I love your silent talks that are louder than worldly shout.

Every moment is special between us,
No worldly tension, chaos or fuss.
We talk, eat and drink,
We share jokes away from everyone's blink.

Elated am I keeping you secret and special,
This bond is way beyond the superficial.
Love is too small a word to describe what we share,
The only relation filled with emotions and care.

Waited have I to feel you arrive,
People felt I was immature and naive.
Now I have a new life after decades three,
Now I feel light and free.

They wonder if you are a boy or girl,
For me you are a happy swirl;
Who will spread love and joy,
Does it matter if you are a girl or boy.

You have turned a couple into a family happy,
Papa is awaiting to change your nappy.
When all sleep at night,
We relish chocolates in a room without light.
Thank God for this Happy plight.

They say that life's this is the phase best,
For me this is a new life of happiness and fest.
Thank you for completing all,
Your presence is a magical ball.

Now I know why your granny loves me so much,
Best thing for a mother is feeling her child's touch