Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Breath

You are hidden from the world,
Within me you lie curled.
They think you breathe from me,
They know not that my breath is because of thee.

You move, you clap, you call me out,
I love your silent talks that are louder than worldly shout.

Every moment is special between us,
No worldly tension, chaos or fuss.
We talk, eat and drink,
We share jokes away from everyone's blink.

Elated am I keeping you secret and special,
This bond is way beyond the superficial.
Love is too small a word to describe what we share,
The only relation filled with emotions and care.

Waited have I to feel you arrive,
People felt I was immature and naive.
Now I have a new life after decades three,
Now I feel light and free.

They wonder if you are a boy or girl,
For me you are a happy swirl;
Who will spread love and joy,
Does it matter if you are a girl or boy.

You have turned a couple into a family happy,
Papa is awaiting to change your nappy.
When all sleep at night,
We relish chocolates in a room without light.
Thank God for this Happy plight.

They say that life's this is the phase best,
For me this is a new life of happiness and fest.
Thank you for completing all,
Your presence is a magical ball.

Now I know why your granny loves me so much,
Best thing for a mother is feeling her child's touch

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