Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Modest Jealousy

Jealous of the rain,
For so easily it dances time and again;
Jealous of the sparrows flying,
For theirs is a freedom flight above the sky eyeing.
Jealous of the fishes in waters deep,
Cause no one can hover around them even while asleep.
Jealous of the trees that sway in the wind,
They feel freshness and changes unlike the limbed.
Jealous of the coffee beans that are ground,
Since for spreading aroma they are crowned.
Jealous of the waves of the endless seas,
For the liberty they have to voice thoughts with ease.
Wonder why I aren’t any of these,
Why do I strive to others’ please?
Wish I was one of the above,
Would have been able to gain and spread love…..

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